Obama Administration Wants to Steamroll GOP

In an interview last week on Heritage Foundation’s Istook Live!, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) said that the Obama administration “actually wants to steamroll what’s left of the Republican Party here in Washington.”
During a discussion with host Ernest Istook about the “fiscal cliff” negotiations, DeMint said “taxing the rich” is not a plan. “Republicans are willing and ready to work with the president on dealing with these issues, but it’s hard to work with a leader who has no plan. And you can’t compromise with someone who hasn’t put a plan on the table and told Americans what he really stands for.”

Critical of Republicans who have caved in negotiations with the president in the past, DeMint admitted, “So the president has got what he wants…he wants us to raise taxes, and wants to cut the military, and this is the result of a very bad deal that the Republicans were willing to make, over a year ago, and we’re paying for that now.”



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