Obama Administration Investigating Sergeant Who Said the Bible Condemns Homosexuality

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) has launched a federal investigation over a conversation between a Huntsville JROTC instructor and a lesbian student about the Bible and homosexuality.

Last April, Virgil Grissom High School student Taylor Sisk, 15, asked a local homosexual activist to file a complaint on her behalf after 1st Sgt. Lynn Vanzandt allegedly told her that he believed the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. It is unclear how the conversation began.

Sisk, who leads her school’s Gay-Straight Alliance club, claimed she was talking to another girl about wanting to live in San Francisco when Vanzandt made his remarks. Other witnesses have said the girls directly asked Vanzandt his opinion on homosexuality. Sisk claimed they then asked him to stop talking about it and, when he refused, her friend ran crying from the room.

Vanzandt is reported to have apologized to his class the day after the incident.



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