Nationalizing Your 401(k) and IRAs

I’m still struck, I’m not trying to single myself out for anything special here. Four years of experience watching the guy, I don’t see where the evidence is that he cares about cutting spending. I don’t see where the evidence is that he worries about lowering taxes. I don’t see where the evidence is that he’s concerned about job creation. Here is a guy who wants to nationalize your 401(k), folks! He wants to just take it from you, pay you what it was worth on August of 2008, plus 600 bucks. He wants to take your IRA. He wants to eliminate the home mortgage interest deduction. He wants to eliminate charitable deductions, thereby eliminating much private charitable donations. He wants to take it all over. Where is the evidence he’s anything traditional, in the sense of being a politician or a president or what have you? It’s just the exact opposite.



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