Murder Stories Not Involving Guns

When it rains, it pours, folks. There have been an amazing number of violent deaths. “A Florida woman…” This a White Plains, New York, story. “A Florida woman who was convicted of arranging the ‘sadistic’ killings of her millionaire husband and his mother should spend the rest of her life in prison, federal prosecutors said Monday. …

“Bernice Novack was repeatedly bludgeoned in the teeth and head with a plumber’s wrench at her Fort Lauderdale home. Two months later, Ben Novack was pummeled with barbells and had his eyes sliced with a utility knife in his hotel room in Rye Brook, NY. The killings ‘involved particularly cruel, sadistic and gratuitous savagery seldom seen in the annals of crime,’ [Assistant US Attorney Elliott] Jacobson wrote” in a sentencing memo. So, I mean, look at this!

Bernice Novack was bludgeoned in the teeth and the head with a plumber’s wrench. If it weren’t for the wrench and the barbells, the Novacks might still be alive today. That’s just the top of the stack. Camden, New Jersey: “Toxicology tests show a New Jersey woman who decapitated her 2-year-old son and then killed herself in August had smoked PCP-laced marijuana. The Camden County Prosecutor’s released the test results Monday showing 34-year-old Chevonne Thomas had used the drug before killing her son and putting his head in a freezer.”

If it weren’t for the PCP in the marijuana, he might still be alive.



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