Mother Blamed for Connecticut Shooting


This is the essence of individual responsibility. It’s the mother’s fault. She should have had this child committed, certainly shouldn’ta taught him anything at all about guns, and if she was unwilling, she should have put him up for adoption. Have you heard this theory? That it’s the mother’s fault? From anybody else, have you heard that theory?

The elected class, it’s the gun’s fault. Among the elected class, it’s America’s fault. There’s something innately wrong with America. The elected class is gonna think that. But in your talks with your friends, your associates…

You have heard this, you have? I have not. I have not heard this level of vitriol aimed at the mother. So would this mean, for example, that parents should be responsible and go to jail for all of their kids’ crimes? Do you realize how many adults would be in jail in Chicago? Well, how would that work in Chicago? I mean, if you strip it all away, the caller’s point is you’ve got a demonstrably mentally ill child that you are teaching how to shoot guns within the survivalist context. And what is the survivalist context? Somebody is coming to get us, kid, son. They’re coming to get us, or the days on earth are numbered and we’re gonna all have to fend for ourselves or whatever.



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