Local GOP Pushes Powerful Congressman to Oppose ‘Treasonous’ Boehner


The Republican Party for the Sixth Congressional District of Virginia has formally requested its GOP congressman, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, to oppose the re-election of House Speaker John Boehner, Breitbart News has learned.

On November 10, the local district committee–which officially represents Republicans, including Goodlatte, in his district–unanimously passed a resolution to ask Goodlatte to vote for someone other than Boehner. The party believes Boehner hasn’t used his full power to fight against Obamacare.

“The imposition of Obamacare against the wishes of the people is an unequivocal expression of the anticipated tyrannical powers,” the district committee wrote to Goodlatte. “Yet even though every member of the House of Representatives is aware of his ability to thwart this measure, no such effort of protection is forthcoming. Apparently few enough care more about the people they purport to represent than about their own political aspirations.”



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