Kill Shot: Will Reid Make a ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal this Week?


Today, it finally dawned on the media–and the markets–that we are very likely going over the “fiscal cliff.” With the House out of town, speculation turned to the Senate and expectations rose that Reid would offer his own plan to resolve the crisis. This morning, Sen. Reid tried to end that speculation and delivered a broadside attack on Speaker Boehner. He fixed the blame squarely on the House GOP and excoriated them for not being in town “working” on a deal.

Never mind that this week the Senate is consumed debating legislation completely unrelated to the “fiscal cliff,” it was intended to be nothing more than political theater. If you are trying to reach a deal, you make phone calls. If you are trying to score political points, you make a speech. Reid and the Democrats are trying to line up what they believe is a kill-shot for the House GOP.

Hours after Reid’s stemwinder, Obama arrived back in DC. You see where this is going, right? The Speaker is out of town and Reid is in no mood to negotiate. It is unlikely the Democrats would allow Obama to return to DC just hours after Reid effectively called off negotiations and then have nothing happen. Reid has now announced an afternoon press conference.



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