It’s Simple: Republicans Should Oppose Disastrous Policies, Not Participate in Them

I don’t think they want to go over the cliff because they know they’re gonna get blamed for it and they have no answer. I do. We all do. They don’t. So they’re… (sigh) Look, in an effort to try to make sense of this, I put myself in their shoes. They’re in a business just like any other business, and there are professionals and amateurs. We are all amateurs in their business, in the sense that none of us do it.

So I try to put myself in their shoes.

In one sense, I do wear their shoes.

I’m constantly blamed. I’m ripped to shreds. I’m lied about. I’m mischaracterized.

But getting an audience is a different thing than getting votes. I can get an audience being hated. They can’t get elected being hated. That’s just a simple reality. So they are highly sensitive to being blamed for things, whereas I take it as an honor. If I’m blamed for something, I say (laughing), “I’m a radio guy, can you believe it?” But that’s the point. They’re blamed for stuff all the time, and no matter what they do they’re going to be get blamed for it.

So I, as an amateur, always say, “Why not just do the right thing? You’re gonna get blamed for it anyway, so why not stand up for your principles?” and that then leads to the question… You know, we think they’re all conservatives. Maybe they’re not. Maybe they cannot articulate it the way we do. There could be any number of explanations, but putting myself in their shoes, they all know what’s coming economically, and it’s a disaster.

They don’t want to be blamed for it.

They’re going to be no matter what.

That’s what’s being set up.

But the frustrating thing is that they all think that they can change that by agreeing in part with what Democrats want to do. Or they all think they can be liked if they do, in part, what Democrats want to do. I also think that there’s another factor here. I think not just these guys, I think Republicans everywhere are afraid to stand up to Barack Obama. They’re afraid to stand up to Obama because that’ll make ’em racists.

They believe that, especially after an election which they lost. Their party lost. They still run the House, but they probably conclude Obama is wildly loved, still adored, and in their world, it makes no sense to go after Obama. It’s only gonna redound negatively to them. I think it is clear that that’s the view of the party. The party, we’re in this position… I said yesterday, “Obama is a cult-like figure. Obama has legions of support among people who have no idea who he is.”

It was left to us — I mean the Republicans — to tell the American people who Obama is. They refused to do it, did not want to go there, and this is what happens. The media wasn’t ever gonna tell anybody who Obama is in the sense of vetting him. So by avoiding that part of the campaign… And I don’t mean college transcripts. I’m talking about who he is ideologically, who he is policy-wise, what his view of the country is, where he wants to take it.

Why does he look at the country the way he does? There’s no… Believe me, there is not even a desire, there’s no compunction, there’s no thought of ever going there. So Obama is gonna get a free ride with all of these assumptions. “He’s a great guy!” We even said so. “Hey, he’s a wonderful guy! He’s a great family man. He’s just in over his head.” He’s not in over his head at all. But anyways, you put yourself in their shoes and you can understand it, but it doesn’t help at all.



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