Is Santa a Democrat?


So, most Americans think Santa Claus is a Democrat? A new survey found that 44 percent believe the jolly man of heft is of the left, versus 28 percent think St. Nick is more like Mitt. It make sense at least when it comes to the whole handing out freebies things.

Democrats are the party of giving, except unlike Santa, the giving isn’t link to any worthwhile behavior. Santa rewards you for being good, liberal reward you for towing the line.

Anyway, that’s where the similarities end. Santa’s toy is made in a work shop. Whereas a Dem doesn’t make them, he just takes them. Then he spreads them around, but only after melting them down to drab coins. After all, equality of outcome means there’s no ceiling on goodness, leaving you with sad trinkets that cost four times more.

But, hey, in the war of who is naughty or nice, the Dems will always win. They will be Santa and we’ll be Satan, a stereotype perpetuated in pop culture that deems anything rooted in common sense must be mean. And this lets the left run the give-away.

And that’s the whole point, to win people over with the free crud that in the end isn’t really free at all.

So, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. As that jolly red Democrat flies back to the North Pole, he leaves behind a mountain of toys and mountain of bills as well. Who is going to pay for those? Let the Republicans worry about that, you know, the grown-ups.



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