Iran Exploits Newtown Shooting


The 20 young victims of Friday’s school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut are no different than those “who fall victim to armed actions” in the Gaza Strip, Iraq or Afghanistan, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said at the weekend.

An Iranian student paramilitary group, meanwhile, criticized U.S. gun laws, while President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used the tragedy to criticize what he called the “profiteering ambitions of a certain group … which have various destructive effects on the society and particularly innocent children and youths.”

An article on the foreign ministry website said ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast “urged the American society to trigger a movement to fight war-mongering actions and massacre of defenseless and innocent people across the world by armed people during terrorist and crazy incidents.”

“There is no difference between children and teenagers who fall victim to armed actions in Gaza or the U.S., Afghanistan or Pakistan, Iraq or Syria in human aspects,” state-funded Press TV quoted him as saying. “Everyone should attempt to establish peace, security and tranquility for all the people across the world.”



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