Hip retailer pushes F-bomb kids’ line

American mall fixture Urban Outfitters put itself on the naughty list with a holiday catalog that push profanity-laced products, including a $24 candle that uses the f-word in the form of the iconic LOVE sculpture.

The retailer, whose efforts to be edgy have raised the ire of parents groups in the past, is now trying to connect with the younger crowd by hawking an $18 “Let’s f—— reminisce” book, a $16 “It was all f—— awesome” photo album and a profane candle that would make your grandmother blush.

The items – and the catalog now hitting mailboxes around the country, may strike a chord with the target audience. But the company’s detractors say it is all part of a cynical marketing plan.

“This really isn’t anything new for them,” said Monica Cole, director of the American Family Association’s One Million Moms division. “Their catalog has offensive profanities on products and little knickknacks, T-shirts – you name it. And so many teenagers shop there.”



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