Okay, back to the fiscal cliff. I want to reiterate what I said yesterday. I haven’t changed. This proposal that Obama put forth, which Boehner has rejected and basically said he’s not even serious, it’s time for some adult leadership here, Obama wants to go over the cliff. I was watching Fox during the break and the guy that runs Real Clear Politics was on, and he said something that a lot of people in Washington are saying. It’s hard to believe that Obama would want to go over the cliff and start his second term with a new recession and massive unemployment. Look at the problems that that would present him in accomplishing everything he wants. I understand people thinking this way, but I really have thought all along you cannot look at Barack Obama as a standard, typical American or Washington politician. He doesn’t have the same concerns. You got all these analysts who naturally think that presidents care about reducing the debt, care about their legacy, care about making sure that the economy grows. Where’s the evidence that Obama cares about any of this? If this were his first term and people were talking about this kind of stuff, I could understand it. We have four years of evidence that he doesn’t care about any of that. We have four years of evidence to suggest that it is entirely proper, and in fact it may be wise, it may be intelligent to look at Obama through the prism of cynicism.

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