Ed Feulner and Jim DeMint on the Future

Senator Jim DeMint. Why have you decided to retire from the Senate to take this on?

DEMINT: Rush, it was the Heritage Foundation that inspired me to run for Congress, and many of the policies I’ve developed, whether it be Social Security reform or health care reform, tax reform, Heritage has guided that policy development. And I believe that I can do more good for the conservative movement outside of the Senate in leveraging the assets of the Heritage Foundation to communicate a more positive, optimistic message to the American people.

RUSH: That’s interesting. I assume it would be due in part because the Republicans are a minority in the Senate, and you’ve got a good bench. You’ve got a bunch of young guys that you have had a role in recruiting. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. You’re not really abandoning anything. You’ve got a bench there, but you’ve expressed frustration in the past, the Republicans have, the White House, the House and Senate or two of the three, and didn’t do anything with it that you thought was in any way progress. Is there frustration here as part of this?

DEMINT: Yes, there’s part frustration, but I am also reassured that we have now stocked the Senate with some of the strongest conservatives in the country today, and that’s a big change. So I’m leaving the Senate better than I found it, and I think I can do a lot to support these conservatives inside the Senate and the House working with the Heritage Foundation all over the country to convince Americans that our policies are the best for them. A hundred percent of Americans, whether they’re poor or rich, conservative ideas will make the lives of Americans better, and Heritage has the platform for me to help spread that idea.

RUSH: Tell people how that happens, because a lot of people are thinking, here you are a member of the US Senate. That’s a very exclusive club. There are only a hundred people. It is by reputation the greatest deliberative body in the world. You’re abandoning it or leaving it and you’re telling us that you’re going to have more power, more influence or a greater opportunity for it at Heritage. So what does Heritage do that you can’t do in the Senate?

DEMINT: Well, as you know, Rush, in the Senate a lot of my role has been trying to stop bad legislation and explaining to America why the policies of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party are not good for them.



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