Don’t Blame Me for Plan B Debacle


Let me tell you why conservatives and the like are upset over Plan B not passing. Folks, I’m gonna admit here: I may be in a very small minority of people who think this. I, as you know, am the mayor of Realville. We lost the election. Elections have consequences. We also do not have very many conservatives in elective office who can articulate it. We just don’t.

We also have a Republican Party in paralysis, paralyzed with fear — and this paralysis is becoming a self-realization, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Fear of being blamed is leading people to behave in such a way as to guarantee that that happens. So Plan B, just to refresh your memory about what Plan B was… And the House, by the way, has already… This is what’s maddening.

The Republicans in the House have passed two pieces of legislation going back to last August that have dealt with the fiscal cliff; Obama just won’t agree to any of it, and the Senate will not support it. The House has already done it. The House is negotiating with itself. The House is voting against itself. In August and one other vote after August, the House has already passed legislation that would give Obama what he says he wants, other than raising taxes on people.

The Republicans are adamant that that’s not a problem. But we’ve dealt with the fiscal cliff in two pieces of legislation, and Obama’s rejecting it. So the Republicans go back and try to imagine up something else, and he rejects that. He’s gonna reject everything! Now, there are some conservative-media types, some elected Republicans and others who think that there is a way to expose the president in the fiscal cliff negotiations.



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