Do We Want to Reach the Low-Info Crowd?


Our last caller did have a point. Actually, two points. He said we ought to be out destroying whoever, working on Hillary right now. They are. The Democrats, that’s their modus operandi. They’re out destroying Rubio. Now, the low-information voters don’t think it’s unfair. They think the Democrats are warning them, telling them the truth about these evil people that want to do ’em harm, gonna make ’em work or what have you. Do you realize, Obama really never has governed, at least the perception is he’s always campaigning. Now, clearly he’s governing. Don’t misunderstand me. The people we’re talking about, he’s constantly appealing to them. He’s constantly reaching out.

Do you know he’s fundraising even now off of Newtown, Connecticut, on his website? What’s he fundraising for? He doesn’t have another campaign. They’re out asking for donations to Obama websites. And they’re appealing to people’s emotions based on the Republicans and their stand on the fiscal cliff and Newtown, Connecticut. They’re fundraising on this stuff. And he hasn’t even been inaugurated for his second term yet and he’s fundraising. For what? Democrat Party? Who knows what. But the caller’s on to something. You know, we equate campaigning with governing. “Okay, here’s how we’re gonna govern.”

They don’t do that. In fact, the Democrats cannot be honest about that they’re gonna do. If they were, they would lose every election. If Obama had told people, “My plan is a perpetual unemployment rate near 9%, ever-expanding government with more debt and a higher deficit,” you think he’da won anything? In fact, he campaigned promising people he’s gonna end all that stuff. And so he gets credit for trying, because that’s what they think he’s doing. Now, we’re talking low-information people here. That’s the caveat.

In one way it’s very frustrating. It’s also, to me, quite fascinating, in the sense that we gotta devise a way to defeat it.



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