Did Boehner Just Propose Pelosi’s Plan?


Have I got this right? I think I do, ’cause I usually have most things right. Sorry. I know that makes people nervous. Well, being confident in what you believe makes people nervous, particularly women. That’s what I’ve been told. I’m trying to dial that back. I’m trying to sound more unsure of myself as a way of expanding the audience. A little bit less confident so as to be less threatening. Squishy. Well, yeah, funnier, squishier, less threatening, less confident, more indecisive, seems to be the stuff that gets rewarded today.

Anyway, I think I do understand this right. I think John Boehner has proposed, in what’s being called Plan B, raising taxes without anything in return. Basically what Boehner has done here is adopt, according to the people at BuzzFeed, and they’re pretty accurate here, a plan put forth by Pelosi not too long ago.

Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Let’s see if in my new indecisive squishiness I’ve got this right. This is Boehner this morning at a press conference that was breathlessly awaited by the Drive-By Media. He came out and explained Plan B because the president won’t talk to him. The president won’t move on anything. See, the president wants to go over the fiscal cliff. The Republicans don’t want to go over the fiscal cliff. Now, the reason the president wants to go over the fiscal cliff is because it’s made to order.



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