Detroit Wants Its Obama Bacon

You gotta hear this. Grab sound bite number one. This is JoAnn Watson at a city council meeting last night in Detroit. They had a talk, conversation, or meeting about Detroit’s financial crisis. And this is the council member, JoAnn Watson…

Yeah. So basically she’s saying, “Obama, bail us out. We voted for you, dude. Bail us out. There’s gotta be a quid pro quo. The old mayor, Coleman Young, he went to Washington and he came back home with some bacon. Well, we want some bacon. We want some pork.” So the city council in Detroit is asking for an Obama bailout, and people get righteously indignant when you say that Obama is Santa Claus.

When you say that people voted for Obama because he’s Santa Claus.

Here’s JoAnn Watson admitting it.

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