Costas: Thankfully, No One In that Colorado Movie Theatre Could Defend Themselves

Last night, Bob Costas offered a mealy-mouthed apology to anyone who misunderstood his now-infamous NFL-halftime anti-gun rant and then launched into yet another illogical and nonsensical assault against gun-ownership. The most outrageous and bizarre point he makes, though, involves his being thankful that no one in that Aurora movie theatre was armed and able to defend themselves against a madman earlier this year.

According to Costas, because he only had 90 seconds with which to make his halftime point, we all misunderstood because he didn’t have the time necessary to make the overall point he wanted to make.

I look at it in the exact opposite way. Knowing he had only 90 seconds means that Costas was forced to be very careful, precise, and selective in what he had to say — and what he had to say was not only insulting to those of us who believe football should be a politics-free zone, but also to the memory of a murdered young woman.

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