Former Congressman Mel Reynolds, who resigned in disgrace from the Illinois 2nd Congressional District after being convicted of having sex with an underage campaign worker, wants his old seat back.

Reynolds announced at a press conference on Wednesday that he would join the avalanche of Democrat candidates jumping in line for a chance at picking up the coveted 2nd district seat, now vacated by Jesse Jackson Jr., in the upcoming special election.

Coincidentally, Jackson Jr. originally won that same 2nd district seat after Reynolds’ resignation. Jackson abandoned his district for so-called “mental health issues;” he has now admitted publicly he is under investigation by the FBI.

After Reynolds served time for having sex with a 16-year-old female campaign worker, he was hit with further charges of improperly using campaign funds. President Clinton later commuted Reynolds’ sentence to time served and he was once again a free man.

Reynolds attempted to regain the congressional district seat once again in 2006 against his successor Jackson Jr. However, Reynolds could only muster up a mere 6% of the vote.

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