Conservatives Bash Boehner’s Reported Tax Hike Offer


Conservative Republicans in the House are seriously concerned with reports that House Speaker John Boehner has abandoned GOP principles in his behind-closed-doors fiscal cliff negotiations with President Barack Obama by offering a tax rate increase.

Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp told Breitbart News that the reports that Boehner has caved are troubling for the future of the GOP and for the economy.

“If the offer is in fact true – and we’re still hearing this just from anonymous ‘sources’ – then Speaker Boehner must have forgotten that nearly all Republican House members, including himself, campaigned on opposing just such tax increases,” Huelskamp said in an email. “Caving into President Obama’s tax increase demands would not only seriously damage the economy, but also the future of the Republican Party.”

Politico first reported late Saturday evening that Boehner had offered in his secret meetings with President Obama that he’d allow a tax increase for “millionaires.” Obama reportedly rejected the offer, claiming Boehner hadn’t caved on Republican principles enough.



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