Congressman Apologizes for Using “M-Word”


Let’s go to the floor of the House. African-American Hank Johnson, Democrat from Georgia, had some comments Wednesday.

JOHNSON: Put 30 midgets in with the giant and the midgets then have a chance collectively. And so that is how the situation has unfolded here in America. Seventy-five years ago, almost 75 years ago, Congress passed the National Labor Relations Act which helps to protect American workers’ rights to organize and negotiate the terms of employment with corporations. The midgets get a chance to speak with one voice to the giant.

RUSH: This is well-known mental giant Hank Johnson, Georgia Democrat, complaining about the “midgets” having no chance with the giants. Now, apparently his use of the word “midget…” It’s now the M-word, by the way. Can’t say it. His use of the word is now socially unacceptable, and he had to go back to the House floor and try again.

JOHNSON: Last night, I used an analogy that some find offensive, and I certainly was not meaning to be offensive or use a derogatory term.

RUSH: Okay.



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