Collective Solutions Rarely Solve Individual Problems


You know the problem that we have in all of this? A friend of mine sent me a note last night, his father is a psychiatrist. It was a long note. The friend tells me that his father’s biggest fear was every night dreading a phone call from a patient threatening suicide, the biggest fear that he dealt with, because was dealing with people that needed to be committed and oftentimes would refuse to be. It was a very, very pressure-packed existence. And my friend, the note says, one of his father’s beliefs as a practicing psychiatrist — you know, Shakespeare said, “brevity is the soul of wit.” The fewest amount of words necessary make the most powerful point. This is one of those sentences.

“It is rare to find collective solutions to individual problems.”

Now, many people would say, “What do you mean individual problems? This is a societal problem, Rush. Kids are blowing up people, and people are blowing up movie theaters.” Now, see, this is even better, because look at what we’re doing. Every time something like this happens, what is the first natural instinct people have? Blame all of us. Our society, our culture, and there may be, obviously, cultural rot going on, and there may be things that need to be addressed, but it’s still an individual. Nobody actually put the gun in the kid’s hand and sent him to the school. He did it. Adam Lanza did it, as an individual.



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