Carney Ties Fiscal Cliff to School Shooting


I want you to hear Jay Carney. White House press secretary at the White House daily briefing today. The AP correspondent, a guy named Ben Feller said, “The president said at the Business Roundtable recently that the Republicans need to reach a conceptual breakthrough on rates going up. Does he feel he has that now that Speaker Boehner is talking about rates?” So here we have a question about the fiscal cliff. We have a question about whether or not the president feels better about Boehner agreeing to raise income tax rates on the rich. That’s the question. Does the president feel like we can maybe make some ground here, we can cover some ground, maybe get to an agreement. Here’s the answer.

CARNEY: The president’s insistence that rates need to go up on the top 2% was based on an economic reality, which is that in order to achieve a broad deficit reduction package that puts our economy on a sustainable fiscal path in the future, a certain level of revenue gleaned from the wealthy has to be met. The balance is important because a plan that does not have it puts unduly the burden on senior citizens or on middle class Americans or on parents with disabled children.

RUSH: Parents with disabled children now get thrown into the mix. I wonder why? So now we have to raise taxes on the rich for a new reason, so that there is not an undue tax burden on parents with disabled children, which would include mentally disabled, which is meant to mean Adam Lanza-type children. So Jay Carney, the White House spokesman, has just sought to persuade the necessity of raising taxes on the rich so as not to further burden parents with disabled children. You don’t think they’re politicizing this, huh? That’s pretty brazen. That’s pretty blatant.



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