Caller: Why Should I Still Care?

I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this because since the election, I have known, I think, pretty much how you feel. I know what everybody thought going in, and I know how much everybody invested in it. You might have donated to various candidates, causes, institutions. You might have spent lots of time getting involved. You might have worked in a get-out-the-vote effort. You might have spent a lot of time watching television, thinking you could learn something there. You might have been watching television hoping that somebody would say something that would influence the country to agree with you.

What you were really doing was desperately seeking leadership. And there wasn’t any. So it was everybody for themselves. You got totally invested in this. And then you had people like me, and I’m not gonna exclude myself from this equation. You had people like me telling you, and I was being honest, that this election was crucially important to the kind of country we are going to be. And I believe that even more now than I did before the election. Repealing Obamacare, stopping this kind of presidency politically in its tracks was crucial to this country remaining the kind of country it was as founded. We’re all invested in this.

Now, add to that, as we got closer to the Election Day, we all thought the polls were misreading turnout. We all thought that all these polls with a plus Democrat advantage of 9 or 11 were doctored or somehow incorrect, couldn’t be. There wasn’t any Obama enthusiasm that we saw. Obama wasn’t drawing any crowds, Romney was. There were no signs of what was to happen. There were no signs of what was to come. The world stopped for me when I saw the exit polls at five o’clock, when I saw two things. “Agrees or understands or is concerned about people like me,” Obama 81 to 19. I said, “Oh, jeez.”

Why does that even matter? That’s what I started asking myself. What the hell does that matter? Understands people like me. That’s not what a president’s for in my opinion. Nevertheless, we live in a world where it does matter, so you gotta accept it. And the second thing, “54% still blame Bush for the economy.” I said, “Oh, my God, if this is true, we’re finished.” And we were, we were finished.

So then it’s the days after the election. And I know exactly how you feel then, too. You’re asking yourself, “What’s the point?” You gave every bit of emotion that you had. You poured yourself into it. You believed people who said this election’s crucial. You believed me and others who said the kind of country we’re going to be is at stake. You believed that. So the election comes and goes. And you take stock. You got me and conservative talk radio, conservative blogs, you got Fox. It didn’t matter. You’re saying, “None of it mattered, none of it mattered.”

And then you say, “What’s the point? I don’t need to listen to crap anymore. I don’t need to listen to people on TV arguing with each other, especially now when the elections over and it sounds like it’s the same stuff before the election. Why do I want to listen to that? Why do I want to listen to people argue about what Obama means and what his economy’s gonna be? We already know what it’s gonna be.” I know exactly where you’re coming from. I know exactly what that woman was talking about.



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