Cairo: Blood In The Streets, Obama Silent

As the White House remains completely silent on the most recent events in Egypt – the President has not uttered as much as a peep about the Muslim Brotherhood’s thuggery against democratic protesters, raising memories of his spineless behavior during the Iranian uprising of 2009 – violence is breaking out in the streets of Cairo. According to the latest reports, Islamists are battling seculars en masse using rocks and firebombs and shotguns. Already, several top Morsi backers have resigned from his newly-minted dictatorship, fearful of the backlash from the population.

Over 350 people have been injured and four have died in these clashes, the Egyptian health ministry reports. Riot police have been unsuccessful at restoring order. Meanwhile, Muslim Brotherhood vehicles are moving through the chaos, calling via loudspeaker: “This is not a fight for an individual, this is not a fight for President Morsi. We are fighting for God’s law, against the secularists and liberals.”

Morsi has fled the presidential palace when secular crowds assembled there; the Muslim Brotherhood has already chased them off.



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