Bush Team Uses Immigration Issue to Try to Re-Establish Party Control

The Republican Party’s stunning loss in the 2012 election demonstrates one thing clearly: its demographic base is shrinking. Many in the conservative movement have suggested that a comprehensive solution to the immigration problem must be found so that the Hispanic community can move beyond immigration, thereby opening up the population to secondary concerns, which are largely conservative.

That’s certainly a debate worth having. But unfortunately, the usual suspects in the establishment Republican Party are now seizing control of the immigration debate in order to maintain control over the base of conservatives who are sick and tired of establishment Republicans taking them for granted and ignoring their concerns. The establishment Republican Party has picked the one part of George W. Bush’s record that conservatives seem to be reconsidering — immigration — and is now using that issue in order to wedge Bush-type conservatives back into power.

Thus the sudden resurrection of George W. Bush as spokesman for the immigration reform issue.



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