Boehner’s Tea Party Purge

AMASH: It’s pretty clear they had a score card. And if you were in support of more government you got a positive score. And if you were in support of less government you got a negative score, which seems completely contrary to what you’d expect for Republicans.

RUSH: Right, so he said, “I didn’t vote enough for big government. I didn’t vote enough the way the leadership wanted me to, so they kicked me off the committee.” She said, “That’s certainly one line we’ve heard. You guys that lost your committee positions were simply too conservative or too ‘tea party’ but others are saying because you guys went out of your way not only to vote against leadership but seemed like you were trying to embarrass them at times. What do you say about that?”

AMASH: That’s totally ridiculous. This is not a conservative versus liberal thing. There are people like me in Congress who are out there representing the vast majority of Americans who want us to balance our budget. It’s not about who will work with Democrats or who will work with Republicans or who’s too conservative. It’s about whether people are serious about getting things done to balance our budget. And there are few of us who are very serious about it.

RUSH: And we were kicked off our committees because the current mode of thinking in the Republican Party, look, they’re thinking we have to agree with amnesty and then gotta relax social issues, the Republican leadership thinks they gotta be for big government if they want to stay elected, and anybody who’s not is considered a threat to where the party thinks they ought to go so they get off.



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