So during the break Snerdley asks, “Are you gonna talk about the fiscal cliff?” Yeah. I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen. I used to think we were gonna go over the fiscal cliff. I don’t think so now. I know that Boehner and Obama are speaking privately. I think there’s going to be a deal, and it’ll only be a deal that Obama wants. If there’s a deal, it’ll be one that he wants. If there isn’t a deal, it’s because it’s not sufficient for him.

Boehner’s already put $800 billion in “new revenue” on the table by “closing loopholes,” which means getting rid of deductions. It’s being reported that Boehner — who, by the way, is also… A lot of people outraged today. Boehner is apparently purging a number of Tea Party-type conservative members of the House from the Appropriations Committee and a number of other places. Some people say that it’s because of the fiscal cliff, that it’s marginalizing conservatives.

A lot of this is payback. I’m just telling you. Don’t infer that I am agreeing with this. I’m not. But I think a lot of this, in a couple cases, is payback for things that these Republicans did during the debt limit talks last year that Boehner was not appreciative of. This is what leadership does. I mean, leadership gets rid of challenges. It gets rid of people it doesn’t want providing any problems.

The take-away here is that the people Boehner’s getting rid of in leadership — or committee chairmanships, memberships — happen to be Tea Party-type conservatives. The fiscal cliff is one thing, but whether we have the fiscal cliff or not… Well, part of the cliff — and we’re gonna hit it one way or the other.

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