Boehner Will Do Deal Obama Wants, But Obama Wants to Go Over the Cliff and Destroy the Republican Party

So during the break Snerdley asks, “Are you gonna talk about the fiscal cliff?” Yeah. I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen. I used to think we were gonna go over the fiscal cliff. I don’t think so now. I know that Boehner and Obama are speaking privately. I think there’s going to be a deal, and it’ll only be a deal that Obama wants. If there’s a deal, it’ll be one that he wants. If there isn’t a deal, it’s because it’s not sufficient for him.

Boehner’s already put $800 billion in “new revenue” on the table by “closing loopholes,” which means getting rid of deductions. It’s being reported that Boehner — who, by the way, is also… A lot of people outraged today. Boehner is apparently purging a number of Tea Party-type conservative members of the House from the Appropriations Committee and a number of other places. Some people say that it’s because of the fiscal cliff, that it’s marginalizing conservatives.

A lot of this is payback. I’m just telling you. Don’t infer that I am agreeing with this. I’m not. But I think a lot of this, in a couple cases, is payback for things that these Republicans did during the debt limit talks last year that Boehner was not appreciative of. This is what leadership does. I mean, leadership gets rid of challenges. It gets rid of people it doesn’t want providing any problems.

The take-away here is that the people Boehner’s getting rid of in leadership — or committee chairmanships, memberships — happen to be Tea Party-type conservatives. The fiscal cliff is one thing, but whether we have the fiscal cliff or not… Well, part of the cliff — and we’re gonna hit it one way or the other.



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