Boehner Purge Extending to Subcommittees


Last week, House GOP Leadership flexed its muscle and stripped 4 conservative members of their committee assignments. After my colleague Matthew Boyle reported that leadership seemed to use a secret vote “score” to make their decision, anxiety grew that leadership purged these members in a bid to keep conservatives in line. Some members have confirmed to Breitbart News that those concerns are justified and leadership is trying to send a signal to conservatives ahead of any possible fiscal cliff deal. We have also learned that the leadership purge seems to be extending to subcommittees, as well.

A few weeks ago, GOP Leadership announced the incoming committee chairs for the 113th Congress. What hasn’t yet been announced, however, is who will fill the more than two dozen to chair subcommittees. Subcommittees are a critical part of the legislative process, providing an initial blueprint of almost all legislation. They also play an important role in providing a measure of oversight over the executive branch.



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