By now, if you have been paying attention to the pronouncements of Hizzoner, you know that New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg really dislikes, among many other things, guns. He also appears to have engaged in a one-man crusade to convince politicians that, if the President of the United States can be reelected without the support of the National Rifle Association, so too can the most rural Congressman or Southern Senator. The logic of that belief is debatable, but what is not debatable is the logic that the NRA would go out of their way to defend the indefensible – even the personal ownership of a small cannon designed to fire nuclear-tipped artillery shells. Or, at least, so sayeth the mayor.

“The U.S. Army has a rifle — they call it a rifle, I would call it a cannon; it’s attached to the front of a tank or a moving vehicle,” Bloomberg said on Tuesday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC. “It shoots a nuclear warhead. The NRA would say, ‘Oh, that’s a gun. And people have a right to have that.’”

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