Bill Kristol Signs on for Surrender

“William Kristol, Editor of the Weekly Standard, seems to have decided that retreat is the way forward for the Republican Party. In a new editorial, the Fox commentator essentially advises the GOP to throw in the towel on the fiscal cliff talks and more or less accept Obama’s terms. In the piece, a dour Kristol details all the shock and depression that Republican insiders feel after losing an election they all thought was in the bag for Team Romney. He then goes on to complain that the GOP’s legislative scene isn’t any better than its failed electoral scheme.

“Even the fact that the Republicans still control the House is cold comfort for Kristol. Worst of all, he grouses, the GOP has no ‘proposal for averting the fiscal cliff.’ So, what to do? Maybe just ‘acquiesce’ to Obama and be done with it?”

He writes: “Might it be prudent for Republicans to acquiesce, for now, to a modified version of Obama’s proposal to keep current income tax rates the same for 98 percent of Americans, while also insisting on maintaining the reduced payroll tax rate of the last two years and reversing the dangerous defense sequester? That deal would be doable, wouldn’t wreck the country, and would buy Republicans time to have much needed internal discussion and debates about where to go next.”

“But Kristol thinks he knows why this won’t happen. It’s Grover Norquist’s fault. Without giving Norquist the satisfaction of actually naming him, Kristol blames the ‘pledge-master’ for preventing the GOP from caving in to President Obama on a timely schedule.”



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