Barbara Wawa with Hillary and Christie


Back to Barbara Wawa. This is shortly after announcing that General Petraeus is for the second time since the year 2010 the most fascinating Person of the Year because of the sex scandal. ‘Cause he combined sex, lies, the digital age, with military honor. That’s what she said was the criteria. So last night she’s presenting the Ten Most Fascinating People, and I’ve been on it twice, by the way. Full disclosure, I have been on the list twice. I don’t think I was the most fascinating. One year I came close to being the most fascinating, early on, early nineties. Anyway, she’s talking to Hillary and they had this little chat back and forth.

She’d be anointed. She doesn’t have to run. We played you the sound bites earlier this week. It’s already a done deal, 2016, Carville said nobody can beat her, 90% done, just dispense with the primaries. He said “book it” or something like that. Newt says that as the Republican Party’s currently constituted that she couldn’t be beat, as currently constituted. Newt sent me a note clarifying what he meant, by the way. Well, he thought that I interpreted his comments as the Republican Party could never beat her, and what he wanted me to know was that he doesn’t think as it currently is constituted, it couldn’t beat her.

So she’s been anointed. What is this talk about running? But look, if you’re gonna talk to Chris Christie about his girth and the impact that might have on his presidential run, how do you… I better not go there. War on Women stuff.



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