Armed Cops in Schools – NRA Fascism?


The NRA’s attempt to put forth a fascist solution for school security underscores just how far it has fallen as an entity to protect liberty. It was bad enough when they attempted to carve out a special exemption for themselves on the DISCLOSE Act. There was that little item regarding gun owners and the PATRIOT Act. Oh, there was also that little issue with political fundraising regarding the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

The entire point of the 2nd Amendment is to enforce a limited government and oppose a police state – a police state being the inevitable result of tyrannical government. Why then, is the NRA putting forth an idea for increasing the police state by putting police officers in every school in the country? This does three things – all of them bad.

First, it further encourages the idea that the safety of the people depends on the government and that government is the only entity capable of protecting us.

Not only is this blatantly false – as evidenced by history that there is no greater oppressor of individuals in history than their own governments grown out of control – but the Supreme Court has ruled on at least seven occasions that law enforcement (and by extension the government) has no duty to protect anyone from anything. That’s right, the government has no legal obligation to protect you from anything or anyone, even if it knows there is a pre-existing danger or threat.



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