A Strange Phenomenon: People Want to be Part of Tragedy


RUSH: Well, you know, thinking of Connecticut, everybody in a incident like that, everybody thinks that there’s something they can do to change it. You know what else, there’s another phenomenon about this. It’s older than this. I just first noticed it with the death of Princess Diana. Remember all the people who lined the funeral procession route, and remember all those people who brought flowers and so forth?


RUSH: You know what they were doing? They wanted to be part of the story. And so an event like this happens, and everybody wants to be part of it somehow, seen as sympathetic, caring, have a solution, maybe a suggestion to make families of the victims feel better. Wherever the media goes and makes a big deal out of something, people want to be part of it, because then they want to think of themselves as being part of it and part of the solution. And, you’re right, there’s nothing anybody can do.

CALLER: Ed Schultz or the guy at MSNBC, or whoever, you know, all those guys. You know, you can lie so many times and it’s gonna catch up to you. I had to repent like 20 years ago to get rid of my lies 20 years ago, you know? I mean, they were little ones, you know, we all do things. And I feel sorry for them. I don’t hate ’em. I don’t want to listen to ’em.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I don’t listen to ’em. I block my ears and I say, “Get off my radio.”

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah. Jay-Z was telling Beyonce that just the other day. He was.



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