Crowder Challenges Union Attacker: Jail Time or MMA Fight


Hours after pro-union protesters assaulted conservative Fox News contributor Steven Crowder at a Tuesday rally against Michigan’s historic right-to-work legislation, Crowder went on Fox’s “Hannity” show with an unusual challenge for his attacker.

Crowder gave an ultimatum to the man who punched him in the face: come forward and face jail time or face him in a mixed martial arts (MMA) match.

“You can come forward, I’ll press charges, you’ll go to jail,” Crowder said. “Or, since you wanted to cheap-shot me, we can host a bout in a sanctioned, legalized MMA competition.”

Referencing the fund that has been set up to find the perpetrators, Crowder said the winner of the MMA battle will get the money to donate to the charity or union of his choice.

“Face me like a man,” Crowder taunted, adding that he was “easy to find.”



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