2012 Year in Review: A Wild Year for Conservatism


By now you’ve probably seen the TV specials and glossy magazines reviewing major highlights of the past year. There are still a few days left before we close the books on 2012 (and action appears likely on the fiscal cliff). But in the meantime, let’s recap some of the good news (and bad) that conservatives faced over the past 12 months.

Let’s begin with the disappointments:

Campaign of Condescension

The election results disappointed many conservatives. Even more disappointing than the outcome was the accompanying campaign of condescension.

Americans weren’t treated as self-governing citizens. Women were portrayed as birth control pill-popping dependants looking for the next handout. The President insisted that our achievements have nothing to do with our own initiative, talents, or hard work. “You didn’t build that,” government programs did. The Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte reminded us that government is the one thing we all belong to.



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