President Barack Obama pulled it off – he won reelection. He did this despite the fake unemployment rate being above 8% throughout his first term. The real unemployment rate was 14.7% when people went to the polls, and it was oh so much universally worse than just that.

All of this added up to a fairly terrible economy – and somehow a squeaker election win. Can President Obama now take this terrible-ness – and make it worse? Yes, He Can.

The Tech sector is now 1/6th of the economy – and a serious victim of President Obama first term. He illegally imposed price controls on the wireless Internet. Before that, he illegally imposed Network Neutrality. The result?

Tech (sector) layoffs hit 3-year high in first half of 2012; 260% more than first half 2011.

The Net Neutrality power grab will most likely be thrown out early next year by the DC Circuit Court. Will this chasten President Obama? No – there’s an even worse way for him to skin the Internet cat.

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