Why the Republican Convention Didn’t Work

Folks, I think this is really, in terms of understanding all this, please bear with me. Forgive me if I’m redundant and repetitive here, but for some reason I find this crucially important. Ron Paul’s farewell speech asking bluntly, why is selling freedom so hard to do? I mean, it’s the freedom of the founding, freedom from government, Constitution, the Bill of Rights limits what government can do. It celebrates the God-given freedom and liberty of each human being, and that’s what we stand for. But of course we also believe there needs to be guardrails on our culture and society. We call it morality.

What is so hard about selling freedom? And it is a tough sell, because to the people we’re trying to sell freedom, they look at us as their main impediment to freedom. We stand in the way of the way they define it. Their definition of freedom doesn’t involve government being in their way at all. We’re the ones in their way. They want gay rights, gay marriage. They want to redefine marriage any way they want, redefine the family any way they want. They want to legalize dope, you name it. They look at us as the obstacle. We deny them a good time. We deny them their fun. We deny them their freedom. Government, therefore, is to where they turn for action against us.

Now, we go to our convention, and we had speaker after speaker of achieved and dynamic and articulate, the best among those in their business, minorities, African-Americans, women, Hispanics. We have more Hispanic elected officials in the Republican Party than the Democrats do. And that convention did not sell. It did not win any converts, is what I mean. Apparently it did not. I didn’t have anything to do with that convention, I’ll just stress again. But why didn’t that convention work? I mean, here we had Marco Rubio, and he told a story, up from nothing, Susana Martinez, ditto, Mia Love, ditto, Condoleezza Rice, ditto. I mean, the list is endless. Didn’t work.



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