Why the Media Shelters Obama

I want to expand on the racial component of this and the media’s devotion to Obama and why they are sheltering him. They are suppressing stories on Benghazi. They’re suppressing stories on his incompetence, the fact he’s in over his head, he’s unqualified, doesn’t know what he’s doing. They will not allow any such stories. They will not report them. They’ll do their best to suppress them. And the reason is — and here we’re back to ideology again, and I have seen this. It happens routinely in the sports media. I have seen this, and you do, too, every day, you just don’t know what it is.

Liberals consider themselves elites. They’re elites intellectually, smarter than everybody else. They’re better people. They look at the original sin of slavery in this country as something that will forever shape, harm, penalize blacks. It is something that, as far as liberals are concerned, especially in the media, will never be overcome. They’re still slaves in one way or another. This manifests itself in people feeling sorry for them. There’s sympathy. They actually think that, without advantages, African-Americans and other minorities, too, by the way, can’t accomplish things. The country’s too unfair. The country is too unjust. The founding of the country was a stacked deck, blacks never had a chance. Forget the civil war, didn’t mean anything. Slavery, the fact that it happened, means it’s never gone away.



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