Why Mitt Romney Lost

It was the worst of times and the worst of times.

With the 2012 election results in, there are no short- or even medium-term “silver linings” for Republicans.

President Barack Obama has won a decisive victory and the GOP, expecting to gain Senate seats, actually had a net loss of three.

The “morning after” will bring the expected explanations and after-game quarterbacking. Still, it is important that the GOP understand why we lost this one in hopes of future victory.

It is easy to blame Sandy and Christie for Romney’s loss. I won’t. Sure they hurt Romney. But he lost for other reasons.

1. Paul Ryan.
2. The Ryan Plan.
3. The Myth of a “Base Election.”
4. No Plan.
5. Crushing Optimism.
6. Poor Campaign Staff.
7. No “Gingrich” Ads Against Obama.
8. Dissing Hispanics.



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