Dawn here can’t believe Romney accepted the invitation to have lunch with Obama. It’s a traditional thing. Presidential combatants always meet and smoke the peace pipe. Even after 2000, once the Florida recollect was finally over and the Supreme Court had decided what they decided, George Bush drove over to Gore’s house at the Naval Observatory, vice presidential residence. He was in there for no more a couple of minutes, but it’s a traditional thing.

Now, I don’t know that lunch is traditional. I don’t know if breaking bread is traditional, but former presidential combatants meeting is a traditional thing. And Romney, folks, is a great guy. He’s not the kind of person the president calls and invites you to lunch, he’s not gonna say, “Sorry, can’t make it.” Romney’s a decent guy. He’s gonna do it. Romney’s one of these old-fashioned guys, he’s gonna do the right thing.

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