Why Is Nobody Calculating 2010?

It looks like the final Gallup is out, and it’s 49-48 Romney, and in no poll that I could find is Obama higher than 48%. In no poll is he over 48%. I can’t find a poll where Obama is over 48% Well, maybe there’s one where he’s at 49. I mean, CNN has him at 49%. He’s not at 50%, anyway. Again, just to repeat: Rasmussen’s out with his final Summary of Party Affiliation, as of October 31st.

This is a huge sample of people that Scott Rasmussen asks are they Republican or Democrat or independent or what have you. He has the Republicans at their highest party affiliation he’s ever recorded since he’s been doing this. Basically it’s Republicans plus six: Republicans 39, Democrats 33. The actual number is 5.8. We’ll round it up to six points. Rasmussen had the exact turnout in 2008 at Democrats plus seven.

So he has a track record here.

I’m just throwing this all into the hopper because what we’re doing here is we’re comparing what we think versus what everybody in the establishment’s telling us, and the two don’t jibe. So then you end up with a conflict of what you feel versus what you think. In my case what I think always triumphs over what I feel. What I think, I’ve got no fear. No fear on the thinking side of this.



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