Could it be, ladies and gentlemen, that three million Republicans sat at home because they didn’t see enough of a conservative campaign? These are the things that have to be pondered while the party beats itself up over amnesty and single women and contraception. But I’m just gonna tell the Republican Party right now: If you think that the only reason you’re not winning presidential races is because you’re not for amnesty and ’cause you’re not for abortion…

If you change to that, if you moderate or modify your positions, you’re gonna cease to exist because those who are with you are gonna abandon you. I’m not… (interruption) No, I’m not trying to sound threatening. I’m trying to be helpful. In fact, that’s my middle name. That’s all I ever try to do is help, anybody. I always said this was gonna be a turnout election. Now, I don’t want to be misunderstood, either.

I’m not saying that the Republicans couldn’t do a better job with some of these minority voters, but you better understand why they’re not voting for you. In terms of the Hispanic vote, it is not because of immigration policy. Hispanics are voting for Democrats because of the same reason any other people vote for Democrats. They’re the party of free stuff. They are the party of Santa Claus.

Boy, folks, I can’t tell you the grief I’m getting from the left over that comment. It must have hit home. Because everybody understands that. You don’t need a position paper with all kinds of footnotes and stuff to explain the Democrat Party. Just say, “Yeah, Santa Claus. We’re outnumbered by people who vote Santa Claus.” And it’s like a veil has been lifted and they want to close it. They don’t like us to see it that way.

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