What Happened to “Duty, Honor, Country”?

The piece here is written by G. Murphy Donovan, and it was forwarded to me by a retired general. G. Murphy Donovan, Vietnam veteran, former intelligence officer, writes frequently about national security, military affairs, and politics. I don’t know where the thing was published, but it was sent to me, and it’s going around, folks. The point is, this is going around the retired military officer community. And Snerdley, listen up. You wanted the summary, here’s the summary of this piece.

Petraeus is a fraud. The military has also been corrupted by our overall cultural-societal decline, and just as in the Democrat Party, failures are made heroes in the military. Now, I threw in “just as in the Democrat Party” because I’m the one that makes the statement. He doesn’t say it in this piece. He doesn’t say “just as in the Democrat Party,” but he does say pretty clearly that people rise to the top in the military, if they get — you have two kinds of generals in the military now, in whatever branch. You got the warriors and you got the politicians. And the politicians are winning. And what do politicians do? They pander.

So let me just give you a flavor for this thing. “General David Petraeus illuminates two grand military issues at just the right moment: officer corps character and flag officer performance. Petraeus could be the poster child for a clueless Gilbert and Sullivan character too — ‘The very model of a modern major-general.’ Major-general was the highest rank to which an officer might aspire to in the last century. Grade inflation has created the contemporary glut of four stars, including Petraeus.”

You don’t need to hear anymore. Grade inflation means there’s a whole bunch of four-star generals who are nowhere near it. A bunch of people who are getting C’s but they’re being given A’s. In this guy’s opinion — and remember this thing is being passed around by retired military top-line people — Petraeus doesn’t deserve the four-stars, and neither does Kelley, as you read this thing. Now, folks, again, I’m not saying this is gospel; I don’t know that it’s gospel. I’m just telling you how I got it. But since the theme today is the overall decline of the institutions — duty, honor, country, all these things — clearly, those things were set aside here in this episode, and this guy makes that point.



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