We’re Outnumbered by People Who Don’t Care

Hey, folks, I know you’re in shock. I know you don’t believe this. I know you don’t understand it. Despite my heroic efforts to explain this. And I’m with you. Look, I lived through the last two months with you. I know exactly what was going on. Let us review, shall we? Let’s take a look at some things. First we had the Redskin Rule. Didn’t count this year. We had the rising unemployment number throughout the Obama regime, even though it got under 8% right before the election. The unemployment situation in this country is a disaster. There aren’t any jobs being created. There certainly aren’t any good ones, and there’s no end in sight to what currently is going on.

Mitt Romney was at 52% a week ago in the Gallup poll. Mitt Romney was up by five or six points for three, four, five days in a row. Obama never got to 50, until the day before the election, never got to 50. The crowd turnouts, standing room only, had to change venues for Romney. Obama can’t fill tiny venues. He had to move his convention speech from outdoors to indoors ’cause they couldn’t round up people to fill the stadium. They had to move indoors in Las Vegas, couldn’t find people to fill the outdoor stadium, 20,000 there. The last day on the trail he’s in Ohio. He’s got Bruce Springsteen. He’s got Jay-Z, half-filled arena.

There’s all the anecdotal evidence, all the energy that was with Romney. All of the dead signs of resignation and defeat that accompanied Obama. We had the black pastors, “The hell we’re voting for this guy. We don’t believe in gay marriage. We don’t like the fact Obama’s linking homosexuality to the civil rights movement. We’re not voting for him, and we’re having all our parishioners not vote for him.” We had the religious efforts on the Romney side, because I don’t know that that materialized. I haven’t been able to find out what the evangelical vote turned out to be. But there was nothing that pointed to an Obama win, other than the polls, which showed it tied. Other than Obama constantly at 48%, other than those polls, and the media, there were no external fundamental signs that Obama was gonna win.



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