Vast Majority of Voters Concerned About Federal Government Corruption

The Breitbart News/Judicial Watch survey of election day voters released today showed that the vast majority of voters are concerned about government corruption, but that this issue did not give the Republicans an advantage on Election Day. Surprisingly, slightly more voters had confidence in the ability of the Democratic Party to limit corruption in Washington than the Republican Party.

85% of voters were either very or somewhat concerned about the issue of federal government corruption in Washington, D.C.:

How concerned are you about the issue of federal government corruption in Washington, DC? Would you say you are…

85% Concerned (total)
53% Very concerned
32% Somewhat concerned

Voters felt that the Democratic Party was better able to deal with this corruption than the Republican Party. In responding to the question, “Which political party, the Republican party or the Democratic party do you think will do a better job of cleaning up corruption in Washington, DC?,” 37% said Democrat, while only 34% said Republican.



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