UPDATE: Pennsylvania Tied, 47-47, On Eve of Romney’s Arrival

Update: The final Susquehanna Polling & Research Poll shows a 47-47% tie heading into the Tuesday election. Romney is seen slightly more favorable (+4) than Obama (+1). Adding to Romney’s advantage is that an overwhelming 71% place economic and fiscal issues as their top concern, and 56% believe the nation is headed on the wrong track. Romney campaigns in Pennsylvania Sunday afternoon.

Original: Mitt Romney and Republican allies have suddenly poured more than $10 million into Pennsylvania to fund a late push by the presidential challenger. Two weeks ago, a poll by Susquehanna Polling and Research showed Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama by four points in the Keystone State, 49-45%. (Note: a previous edition of this article incorrectly stated that the 49-45% Romney lead was this week’s poll).



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