Thomas B. Edsall of the New York Times Asks, “Is Rush Limbaugh’s Country Gone?”

Okay, folks, there’s a headline that is attached to a column that ran yesterday in the New York Times, I guess in the Week in Review section. And here’s the headline: “Is Rush Limbaugh’s Country Gone?” New York Times. “Is Rush Limbaugh’s Country Gone?” It’s by Thomas B. Edsall. Let me give you the quick answer. Apparently it is. Apparently the country’s gone, but guess what? I’m the reason why. I am to blame for the country being lost. I am to blame for the Republican Party losing election after election after election. I am responsible for whoever hates Republicans hating them.

It was all over television yesterday. It’s been all over television since the election. It’s my fault, folks. I haven’t run a single election. I haven’t picked a single candidate. I have not written one word of Republican policy. I have not had one conversation with any highfalutin Republican about policy or campaign strategy or anything of the sort, and yet I, El Rushbo, your host, your radio guy, I have lost the country. And not only have I lost the country, I have destroyed the Republican Party. And the people saying this are the Republican consultants.

Look, I don’t like this program being about me. I really don’t. Contrary to what some of you people think, that I’m an egomaniac. Yes, I have a healthy ego, but I’m not maniacal about it. I know I’m gonna come up anyway. I don’t have to bring me up. I don’t like being the focus of things here, but sadly it’s the case.

And what is this all about? Well, obviously, it’s about losing the election to Barack Obama, and it’s also about Santa Claus. There’s a real division that has been created now, sprung up. There are people who hate this characterization of Democrat voters as people voting for Santa Claus, and they include Newt Gingrich and Bobby Jindal and George Will, a number of people. And then there are people on the other side who say that it is, the Democrat Party is Santa Claus, and that’s why people are voting. I have been doing a lot of thinking about this, independent of all these allegations and accusations of me, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about it.



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