There’s No Denying the Baracka Claus Phenomenon

the number of people actually paying for California to work is shocking. Somebody sent me a note. There was apparently a roundtable discussion recently, and one of the participants on the roundtable said, “If you count all the living souls in California, including inmates, mentally ill, children, retirees, but don’t count state government employees, count everybody but state government employees, 37% of the California population actually works. And of the 37%, only half make enough to pay taxes.

So in California, only 37% are creating anything of value, and of that 37%, only 18% are actually paying taxes to support the system. Is it any wonder then that on November 6th Californians voted to raise taxes on those people. And Mayor Brown’s all happy. This tax increase is gonna work because the people voted for this one. They didn’t have this one shoved down their throats, and he’s right. They’re voting for what they’re getting. They’re not being fooled at all. People of California want what is happening. There’s no arguing that, folks. No way, shape, manner, or form. Just like there’s no arguing here that we are dealing with this phenomena known as Santa Claus that exists in the Democrat Party. No question about it whatsoever. I told you we’re gonna have more Christmas tunes as we get closer to the season highlighting Baracka Claus, and we do.



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