There Will Be Amnesty, Folks

I see that amnesty’s heading this way. It’s gonna happen, folks. You know, losing elections has consequences. There will be amnesty in this country. When you hear the phrase “comprehensive immigration reform,” that’s what it means.

Amnesty for whoever is here. And it’s gonna be blanket, and it’s gonna be pretty quick. That’s where we’re headed. So I want to get in the game. I want to propose EIB amnesty. And I’ll agree to it. Amnesty for every illegal citizen who is here. There’s just one caveat. In exchange for having all of the laws that have been violated forgiven…

In exchange for blanket automatic citizenship without having to take the test, without having to learn the documents… (You’re here. You’ve been here a number of years so you’re a citizen. That’s where we’re headed.) One caveat: You can’t vote for 25 years. And let’s see how much support that idea gets. Let’s see if amnesty is what really is desired. Let’s see if it’s citizenship that all of these compassionate Democrats really have in mind.

That’s how they sell it. “Why, these people have been here for years. They’re good, decent people, exactly the kind of people we need in this country. It’s a country built on immigration.” You’ve heard the stories. “We can’t be exclusive like this. We need to be inclusive. If somebody wants to come to our country and improve their life, how can we say no? I’m not gonna shut my country out to somebody who wants to come here and improve their life.



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